Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three months

Dear sweet boy,
You are three whole months old today and have officially left your “forth trimester.” Get ready to be put to work—you’re a man now! Just kidding. Your daddy and I have been working hard to guard the first few months of your life, helping you (to the best of our ability) feel as much like you did when you were in utero as possible. We spent many an hour swaddling, shushing and rocking you. We hope that your transition into the world was a nice, gradual one.
You are still a happy boy and are smiling frequently. Your happiest times are still on the changing table, where the soft comfort of the changing pad allows your limbs to relax (from their near constant flailing) so you can concentrate on cooing and smiling. You even laughed—sounded mighty similar to Cousin Stuart’s distinctive inhaling laugh, but we’ll take it!
You seem to have leveled off, growth-wise and are comfortably fitting into your 3-6 month clothes. Your cheeks still take the cake (ooohhh, wouldn’t you like some cake?!) in terms of your most chubby feature, but your porky thighs are a close second.
Your sleeping has improved slightly and you tend to do a longer (4-5 hour) stretch followed by a shorter (3-4) hour stretch and are usually up for the day between 6-7:30. Then you’re right back down for your first nap about one hour later. Good timing so Mommy can shower and pump. We put you in your crib awake and you stare at your mobile until you slip off into dreamland. What a good boy!
You are thoroughly enjoying sucking on your hands, a new skill that started about 10 days ago. Mostly you suck on as much of your left hand as you can fit in your mouth but occasionally you’ll get a single finger in there and go to town. We wonder if this will stick. Maybe because of the hand sucking…you got your first cold this month. Fortunately it wasn’t a bad one and you handled it well.
You had your first babysitting experience this month--today actually. Grandma and Grandpa Rivera came over and stayed with you while Mommy went to the dentist. Much to their chagrin (Grandma and Grandpa’s, not the dentist’s), you slept the whole time!
You have glanced at your hands just a few fleeting times over the last few days and I predict that you will discover them soon. You are getting so interested in your toys and often stare at your crib aquarium toy intently.
I guess you have truly “joined the world” this month.

Boy are we glad to have you.


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