Tuesday, March 3, 2009


A few new great milestones have been achieved in the last week...

Ben has started to coo in earnest. It's the sweetest thing. His happiest times are still while on the changing table (go figure) and I can almost always coax some sweet smiles and heart-warming coos out of the boy. Since I change about a million diapers in a day, Ben and I have plenty of time to "talk."
The other recent development (as of February 28th) is Ben's recent discovery of his hand. To be specific, he doesn't exactly seem to notice he has hands, and doesn't track or look at them, but he has started putting them in his mouth. The right hand was first and now he can get his left on in there too! Guess it's time to start asking people not to touch his hands anymore...or is that too Anal-Mommy?
Getting close...


Our boy has also grown some serious eyelashes over the last two weeks. Maybe that's the one thing he gets from his mommy!
Sleeping has improved. Ben usually sleeps around 4 or 5 hours in the first stretch and 3.5-4 in the second. We still sometimes have our usual 3 hour stretches, but he seems to be stretching out a bit. We are happy when this happens--and so is our boy!

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