Monday, March 23, 2009

Boy vs Cat

Fair readers (or reader, more like), the pictures you are about to see may be worrisome. Fear not, no babies or cats were harmed creating of this blog post!

Cue music: Theme to Wild America
Cue baby: Benjamin Jay (Human Child)
Cue location: Floor or aforementioned baby's room
Cue animal: RV Jacobson (Wild Beast)
Scene: A rare interaction between Human and Beast, caught on "film"
Wild Beast approaches Human child.

Wild Beast pets self using Human Child's hand.

Wild Beast rubs head against Human Child, marking him.

Wild Beast has exhausted himself and finds a soft pillow for his siesta.

As long as Human Child continues to act like a pillow, this will certainly be a great relationship!


Goddess in Progress said...

Heehee, so cute! Clearly, they're going to be best buds....

Dennis said...

That's the cutest picture