Friday, November 27, 2009


Ben's first Thanksgiving was a success, which was not a surprise, as one of Ben's favorite passtimes is eating! We hosted Grandma and Grandpa (Rivera), Pops and Grammy (Jacobson) and the Lerners.
We tried to get a nice family picture but Ben seems to have developed a new hobby, which does not make for very classy photographs.
*Note the position of Ben's finger.Ben enjoyed all of the same foods that we did: turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, and even a little pumpkin pie for dessert.

A great time was had by all.


Goddess in Progress said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Sounds like Ben ate a lot better than either of my kids... :-)

P.S. Your hair looks really cute!

Emily said...

Thanks, Liz--to you, too! Sorry Becca got hit by the swine. Sucks sucks sucks! And don't beat yourself up, you know 11month olds eat less finicky-like than 2 year olds!

Mindy Bachrach-Ingersoll said...

So cute! Love Ben's little tie!