Monday, June 22, 2009

Swim class

Pops and Ben are doing a tot swim class at the Evanston YMCA on Saturday mornings and the first class was this past weekend. Pops (my dad) took me to my first set of swimming classes at the Leaning Tower Y when I was a wee it's fitting that he gets to introduce Ben to the water, too.

Ben and Pops had a chance to get their feet wet (ugh) in the pool before the class started, which suited Ben just fine.

As soon as the crowd of kids appeared, he tensed up a bit but we would still consider the experience a success.

Ben was the youngest in the class by about six months--and Pops was the oldest life preserver by, ahem, slightly more than six months!
We'll see if we can turn this one into an Olympic swimmer!

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