Monday, June 29, 2009

Father's Day/6 month appointment

Ooh boy. I am behind in my posting! Just a quick catch-up...
We celebrated Father's Day (Fathers' Day?) at the Jacobsons' house with all four grandparents and, of course, Daddy!
We had a wonderful brunch and I snapped this awesome picture of the men/boy, minus Uncle Dan.

Ben also had his 6 month appointment today (a bit late due to shots having to be given at certain intervals).

He's 2'3'' tall and weighs 19lbs 6.6oz (85th percentile). We were actually in the office closer to Ben's actual 6 month birthday due to a mysterious rash (turned out to be a virus) and his true 6 month weight was 18lbs 9oz.

Speaking of 6 month birthdays, during our Father's Day brunch, Grammy made our boy a very special half birthday cake and we sang a quick and melodious rendition of happy birthday.

For my records, Ben is currently eating: rice cereal, oatmeal, avocado, peas, carrots and bananas, with avocado being the clear favorite. Next, sweet potatoes!

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Goddess in Progress said...

Love that half birthday cake, way too cute!

My kids were nuts for avocado and sweet potato. Combos were good too, like avocado and banana (sometimes with yogurt), and sweet potato and apple would conceal any less-favorites like green beans and peas. Marc looked at me like I was nuts, but they totally ate it!

Oh, toddler eating habits, they make me miss the days of purees...