Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Week One

This is Ben’s first week in child care and my first week back at work. It has been an unusual week, schedule-wise, because Carole Robertson Center for Learning (CRCL) has a gradual admission process for enrolling kids so our week has thus far looked like this:

Monday: Ben and Mommy spend the morning together in his classroom
Tuesday: Ben and Mommy spend the morning together in the classroom and Daddy spends an hour with us, too
Wednesday: Ben and Mommy spend an hour together in the classroom and then Ben spends 3 hours alone in the classroom
Tomorrow: Ben’s first full day in the classroom, Mommy’s first full day in the office

The fact that Ben’s teeth have decided that now is the appropriate time to begin their arduous ascent is really what I would call BAD TIMING!

So, this has been a hard week for the lad (and for his mother, more on that later). He’s irritable, not sleeping very well or eating with much regularity and he has to adjust to different caregivers and a totally new environment. Keep in mind that CRCL is a top notch educational facility and so much more than just a child care center (yes, it’s also where I work so I am a tad biased, I confess) and he is still having trouble getting used to everything being so different. Here’s the kicker: I totally expected this, but it is still hard to see him out of his comfort zone and not showing his true sweet, calm side to all the people that are meeting him for the first time.

In my heart of hearts, I know that he will adjust beautifully. He has extraordinary teachers who have helped raise many, many children over the years and I am honored to share my son with them. I know that he will make great friends and have neat experiences. He will get colds and lice and pink eye and will be just fine. He will go on nature walks and run through sprinklers and paint and get messy. He will eat balanced meals and not so balanced meals. I am thrilled for him just thinking of all the fun that’s in store.

When I went to pick Ben up to go home for the day and caught up with his class during their rainy day inside-the-center walk, I rounded the corner and saw my boy, riding in the 6-seat buggy with five of his new friends. He was looking around, taking in the new sites and smells and it dawned on me: he is learning how to be okay without me. That thought simultaneously made my heart swell with pride, and break just a bit.

I feel as though I have just had my initiation into the illustrious Sorority of Mothers. It is an amazing privilege and an honor to be a part of this group.


Goddess in Progress said...

Sigh. Good, bad. Hard. Easier, gradually.

I'm sure Ben will do wonderfully. But I can only imagine it's a difficult adjustment. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Helen Jacobson's (Ben's great-grandmother's)"gradual-admission- process:" Open door for maid. Walk through door and go to Marshall Field's.