Friday, July 10, 2009

Sore Tushie Creates Community

Poor little guy. Last night started Ben's first bout with diaper rash, and a nasty one at that.
I hate to see him in such pain.

I put out an all points bulletin asking for rash ending suggestions on Facebook this morning and got many great responses, some of which we are currently trying.

While having a boy with a diaper rash is not great, the outpouring of support and ideas that we were able to get quickly from friends on the internet was astonishing.

I bet parenting before the advent of the internet looked much different and was possibly filled with many more trips to the doctor. Don't misunderstand: I know that if Ben were ill or I thought I was dealing with a potentially serious illness, I wouldn't (and haven't) hesitate to bring him in for a check. But knowing I have many friends--real friends, not just internet "residents", help me out with this issue and other minor ones makes parenting a little less isolating.

Fingers crossed the Mr. Cheeks', uh, cheeks heal up real soon.

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GUB said...

No wonder he's upset. It's SO hard to eat ribs without teeth.