Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4 Months

Boy oh boy does time fly. We actually left for Florida on the day of your 4 month birthday, hence the late post (Florida post coming soon).

We had a busy month—guests, events, holidays, and all the while you continue to grow and change before our very eyes.

Your physical development has been remarkable. You are rolling onto your side and are starting to grab objects held above you. You can push up pretty well when on your stomach, although it seems you’d rather suck your hands instead of doing the hard work of lifting up that large noggin of yours. Your grasp is very strong and sometimes when we’re feeding you, you grip our fingers so hard. As you become more full, you relax and the feel of your sweet, soft hand on mind is quite welcome.
You continue to be a sweet, smiley boy, although recently you have been starting to “voice” your likes and dislikes. For instance, we had you on the floor of the dining room at Grandma and Grandpa Rivera’s house during a meal and you complained until we took you out and held you at table level—you loved being a part of the action.
You celebrated Passover and Easter and were a total hit at the Seders and at church. It’s amazing to see how people are drawn to you and you can ham it up (bad Easter pun!) just at the right times.
You have started to giggle and although it is still hard to elicit, it’s worth the work! It’s the sweetest sound and when I tickle you in your special spots (neck, sides) your eyes get as big as saucers as you wiggle around.
Your vocalizations are hilarious and you have a lot to say! You are using consonant-vowel combinations, just as you should. We have the best conversations!

You are still a big boy and fit easily into 6 month and some 9 month clothing. I predict you are will be 16 pounds by the time your 4 month doctor appointment rolls around. Speaking of rolls…you still have the meatiest thighs! You probably don’t want this leaked to the internet but they are just so delicious. I’m sure one day you’ll be tall and lean like your daddy (we hope, anyway!) but for now, I love to see all this meat on your bones.

Daddy and I had our first evening out this month and you were in great hands (thanks Grandma and Grandpa Rivera). I have continued to go to choir rehearsal every Tuesday night and although it is getting a little easier to leave you, it still feels a little unnatural to me. I’d better get used to it because we only have one more month left on our “vacation” together before I go back to work. I know it will be great for us both but it’s a little hard to imagine being away from you all day.

Playgroup, music class and walks with friends are still some of our favorite things to do together. It’s great that we live in such a family friendly neighborhood. I dream of letting you run around the beach on warm summer nights…soon enough.

I love you, my big boy. Keep up the good growth and development and Daddy and I will continue trying to do our very best to nurture you.


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