Thursday, February 5, 2009

1st night in the crib

Big Boy Ben spent his first night in his crib last night. I'm not sure why I expected miracles, but he did his standard 3-4 hour stretches, just like he did when he was sleeping in the bassinette in our room. Not bad for a 7-week-old, so everyone says.
We also instituted a bedtime routine, consisting of a bottle, followed by playtime or bathtime, a book, a top-off bottle if necessary, and then bedtime. Last night required much rocking but there's a bath on the agenda tonight which will hopefully wear him out a bit.
We'll see how he Jonathan so aptly says, "It's an art, not a science."

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Goddess in Progress said...

Good call on the bedtime routine! I found a bath really helped my kids. And give it a little time, but he'll get the hang of the routine and will start going down more quickly. I'm pretty sure Weissbluth says 6-8 weeks is when they start actually figuring out the difference between nighttime and daytime sleep, so it's the perfect time to start the good habits! Good luck!