Monday, January 19, 2009

To Benjamin

Dear Benjamin,
Yesterday you turned one month old and the time has blown by in a flash. Between meeting your needs and dreaming about what type of boy you will become, the days pass quickly.
Your entrance into this world came early; you dictated every step and we have been following your lead ever since.
The changes we see in you already are remarkable. Everyone who visits oohs and aahs over how small you are, but Daddy and I can't get over how big you have gotten already. I think every ounce of weight you have gained has gone right to your cheeks!
You aren't on any sort of schedule yet but there is some pattern to your days. Eating still happens every few hours, and is usually followed by a nice period of alertness. Then you doze off to sleep again and we lather, rinse, repeat. Of course there is much pooping. Mornings seem to be especially interesting to you and you do not always nap. Silly Mommy realized only yesterday that simply swaddling and rocking you can help you off into dreamland so you're not so exhausted by the afternoon. Mommy's still learning! There have been a few longer stretches at night that you've given us but I'm not holding my breath. We are quite happy to continue to follow your lead.
You graduated to size 1 diapers which was nearly enough to make me cry. How is it that my tiny, squirmy baby boy is already moving on, leaving his newborn days behind?
We have been practicing our tummy time frequently and can already see that you are developing better head control. Your little personality is starting to show and it appears that you have a bit of a feisty side. You used to cry purely when you were hungry or in need of a diaper change, now you are crying for other reasons instead. I scramble to make you happy because seeing you cry breaks my heart.
Being your mother is the most important, hardest, most satisfying thing I have ever done and I will continue to do the absolute best I can for you.
I guess I'm already wrapped around your little finger--Daddy, too. We'd go to the ends of the earth for you Sweet Boy.
Here's to a fantastic month full of firsts and amazing memories.

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