Friday, December 26, 2008

We've been busy!

We've had a busy week since we've been home.

RV introduces himself to Ben. Note the puffy tail and general unease (the cat's, not the boy's).

Eddy introduced himself to the boppy. Looks comfy...does anyone want a cat? :)

Ben had his first pediatrician appointment on the 23rd in the midst of a big snowstorm. The appointment was great and snow or no snow, Mommy was sure glad to get out of the house!

Ever wonder how many masters degreed adults it takes to give a baby his first sponge bath?
Answer: 2
Ever wonder how long it takes one naked infant to pee in his mother's ear?
Answer: About 2 minutes after the first bit of water hit. Good aim, Ben?!?!

We've also been spending lots of time trying to get to know this little guy and loving every minute of it.

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Goddess in Progress said...

Great pictures, and nice swaddle! :-) Our (small) dog loved curling up in the Boppy, too.

I'll never forget my favorite advice from the NICU nurse before we went home, with regard to Daniel's pee-ing acrobatics:
"And when he pees in his own mouth, you don't need to call poison control. Urine is sterile."

We laughed. And then he did it the very day he came home.